Saturday, September 19, 2009

Routing with an Ubuntu machine

Ubuntu is great with networking. I had to fool around with it a bit, but to get the routing set up like we planned wasn't too hard in the end.

After the router was set up and initially plugged in, both ubuntu computers attempted to Automatically configure the network settings.
Unfortunately they both failed after a bit.
This whole time the Safaricom Cellular modem was attached, and connected. The computer connected to the interent this way could connect to google, but the other computer couldn't.

First Go into the network settings (System > Preferences > Network Connections  OR right click on the Network connection icon in your system tray), unlock, and edit the "Auto Eth0" connection.
On the last tab, IPv4 Settings, choose "Shared to other computers"

When I did this on both computers (on just the eth0 connection), I could connect to the internet on both computers even though only one was directly connected to the Safaricom Modem.


  1. Looks good. I would set up DHCP on the server machine (just so that all the client nodes are interchangeable) this saves you from having to remember what the IP of the machine that is now dead is...

  2. Well, when you set them all up with Shared to other computers" it doesn't seem to matter what the ip address is. It kinda just takes care of it on it's own.

    I'll have to test it with more then just two computers, so maybe something will turn up that I'm not aware of, but it seems as if Ubuntu is "foolproof" in this respect.

    If I was doing it manually, though, that would be the way to go.