Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Eee PC (Ubuntu)

The Eee PC is quite a effective, and small unit. It's lasted three months in my hands, which is probably a good sign (realizing how I've screwed up the keyboard with soapy-wet hands)

Ubuntu Netbook remix made a big leap in the latest release, also.
Maximus seems more stable, and the layout is quite a bit better.

The main problem is when you switch to Ubuntu there are certain features, like disabling:
- Camera
- Card Reader
- Wireless
That you can't fully control. Sure you can disable the "wireless" in Ubuntu, but the actual wireless card is still on unless you disable it in bios.

eee-control fixes this though.
The version in Jaunty is quite effective. It controls wireless, camera, card reader, brightness, processor and fan speeds, and probably some other things I forgot.

If you like the newest version of Ubuntu (9.10), then you're out of luck. Building eee-control fails.
Rumor has it that the karmic build will be available soon.

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