Thursday, December 26, 2013

Installing Armory

The Armory installer isn't quite up to date. The installer I found on their website: had RAM leaking issues.

sudo apt-get install git-core build-essentials python-dev \
    python-psutil swig pyqt4-dev-tools bitcoind

git clone
cd BitcoinArmory/cppForSwig
make swig
cd ..

Note: '' is run by 'make swig'. I ran it first just to make sure I have all the dependencies, since make swig swallows the errors in ''

Now you can run, just to make sure everything works:

I decided that I wanted to "install" it, so I copied the folder to /usr/lib/
cd ..
sudo mv BitcoinArmory /usr/lib/armory

Adding the desktop icon:

I decided to update the armory icon, since it was pointed to an icon pack I didn't install.
cd /usr/lib/armory
sed -ie "s/Icon=.*/Icon=\/usr\/lib\/armory\/img\/armory64x64.ico/" \

chmod +x dpkgfiles/armory.desktop

Then copy it to your list of local applications:
cp /usr/lib/armory/dpkgfiles/armory.desktop ~/.local/share/applications/

Now the a launcher shows up in unity, with the right icon.

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